Who is Your Physical Therapist

Our Vision is to grow a thriving, highly respected Physical Therapy practice that is a vital part of the health care team in our community and whose Physical Therapists are chosen by many as ‘My Physical Therapist’ for their health and wellness needs.

Most of us have a doctor, we have a dentist, we likely have a hairstylist- the people in our lives who take care of us. So, who is your Physical Therapist?

Did you know, more than 1 in 4 Americans has a musculoskeletal condition requiring medical attention. “Musculoskeletal conditions are the most common cause of long-term pain and physical disability” (Akesson, K.,K.E. Dreinhofer, et al. (2003) “Improved education in musculoskeletal conditions is necessary for all doctors.” Bull World Health Organ 81 (9): 677-83.)

So, who should be the first provider for evaluation of these musculoskeletal conditions?  Let’s consider a few more statistics before we answer that.

In 1998, Freedman and Bernstein found that 82% of medical school graduates FAILED a 25 question competency examination in musculoskeletal medicine. Among the 85 graduates tested, the average time spent in rotations or courses devoted to orthopedics in medical school was 2.1 weeks! One third of these examinees graduates WITHOUT ANY formal training in orthopedics.

Physical therapists evaluate, diagnose, and treat the musculoskeletal system.  Therapists who graduate from an accredited physical therapy program today receive a Doctorate of Physical Therapy.  Each state has a licensing board who upholds strict standards of practice for all PTs. We are movement specialists.  Rehabilitation and Wellness.

So, Who is YOUR Physical Therapist? 

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