Integrative Medicine: A Whole-Person Approach to Health and Wellness


Last week, a patient came into the clinic following foot surgery. I listened to her stories of hiking in Colorado, intense triathlon training, and European vacations spent walking for hours. She told me how she bandaged her feet, but they would still swell and bleed at the end of the day due to all the activity. She finally decided that surgery was her best option. After 2 weeks in a cast, and 4 more in a boot, she still wasn’t ready to walk without her boot or crutches. She arrived at physical therapy ready to rehab and get back to her life.

As I thought about her case, it became more clear that this patient could benefit from more than just physical therapy. Acupuncture or lymph drainage could improve her swelling. Walking with crutches and in a boot is likely to throw her pelvis and spine out of alignment, which could be addressed by chiropractic care. The mental and emotional impact of her current functional limitations could be addressed by a psychologist and/or mindfulness meditation and essential oils. The future transition back to her active lifestyle could be assisted by yoga and other fitness professionals. For optimal recovery, this patient needs a team of professionals who have one goal in mind: the patient’s overall health and wellness.

Now, wouldn’t it be convenient if a patient could receive all of that care under one roof? AGADA Integrative Health Center combines traditional evidence-based medicine with proven alternative therapies. Our collaboration of professionals ensures personal attention and makes you, the patient, a partner in the healing process.

AGADA Integrative Health Center currently offers physical therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, trigger point dry needling, essential oils, fitness, educational, and meditation classes, and individual or marriage and family counseling.

We look forward to working with you! Come in for a tour of our new clinic and to meet our staff! Or visit us online at