By the time I started seeing Swen, my frozen shoulder was so bad, I could hardly raise my arm. Regular everyday activity was impossible... pulling a shirt on over my head, reaching for something on a shelf, brushing my hair, even just pushing the garage door opener in my car. At Swen’s suggestion, I started (trigger point dry) needling and 3 months later, despite my irresponsible lack of PT work at home, I had 97% of full range, pain free motion back! I was able to play ball with the kids, reach items way above my head, and go back to yoga and working out. (Dry) Needling worked great for me! I’d do it all over again without hesitation.
— Colleen (Minnetonka)
I had been dealing with plantar fasciitis, and eventually a torn plantar fascia, for over a year when I found out about Swen and dry needling. By that time, I had tried, literally, everything I, or any medical professional I saw, could think of to help my plantar fasciitis pain. The FIRST and ONLY treatment that has had a legitimate, lasting, positive effect on my plantar fasciitis is dry needling. Points in my foot that had felt like I was walking on knives for months disappeared in a matter of days after seeing Swen for my first treatment. Nothing else compares to the speed and effectiveness of Swen’s dry needling technique when it comes to foot pain! I am finally on my way back to running after just two dry needling sessions. I can’t believe I didn’t find out about this sooner.
— Kelly (Minnetonka)
Right from the start, Swen Germann impressed me with her efficient, professional manner and her knowledge of my back problems. Swen took time to listen and explain, in detail, why I was having such pain. This impressed me; no one had ever taken the time to explain. With her highly skilled knowledge she showed me ways to strengthen areas of my body that would aid in results I was looking for. This has been a very positive experience.
— Ken (Minnetonka)


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See our reviews on yelp!

See our reviews on yelp!